About The Film

Augie lived life in the fast lane. He was in impeccable shape. He was tough, bullheaded, and devilishly handsome. Augie Nieto was known as the Steve Jobs of the fitness industry – the first person to popularize the LifeCycle in gyms across the country. At the age of 47, Augie and his wife Lynne – his high school sweetheart – seemed to have it all. But then their lives were turned upside down. Augie was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, in 2005.

AUGIE is the story of a powerful man challenged by a devastating disease, which for the first time in his life, took every bit of control from him. ALS patients experience paralysis of all their voluntary muscles, and the disease usually proves fatal in 2-3 years. And yet, ALS is what saved Augie’s life. This is the inspirational journey of a man who learned how to transform himself to find true peace and happiness. Before ALS, Augie was arrogant and single-minded in his pursuit of financial gain. He was incredibly successful, but his personal life suffered. His marriage was on the rocks. When he was diagnosed, his life fell apart completely. But then Augie and Lynne picked up the pieces and formed a stronger bond than they’ve ever had.

Augie has learned to channel his will to live and his drive for success into doing everything he can to find a cure for ALS. All his friends and business colleagues rallied around him, and to date he and Lynne have raised over $55 million that directly funds scientific research for ALS.

Augie and Lynne have found the joy and laughter in life again. Their bravery encourages ALS patients and their families to never give up, and to dive deep into the riches that life can bring.“You’ve got to laugh every day,” says Augie, as he continues to fight for a cure.


About The Filmmakers

James Keach

Director, Producer

Eric Carlson


Michele Farinola

Executive Producer

Born in New York, James has been a part of the film industry as an actor, director, writer, and producer. A graduate of Northwestern University and the Yale School of Drama, he received classical training as an actor at the New York Shakespeare Festival and was a founding member of the Body Politic Theater in Chicago.

James has appeared in over fifty feature films and has produced and directed numerous television and feature films. His most recent success was the award-winning documentary ”GLEN CAMPBELL…I’LL BE ME,” which showed the legendary singer’s unprecedented “Goodbye Tour” after he was diagnose with Alzheimer’s disease. “GLEN CAMPBELL…I’LL BE ME” was nominated for an Academy Award and won three Grammy Awards.

Prior to that, Keach produced “WALK THE LINE,” for which the Producerʼs Guild of America nominated him Motion Picture Producer of the Year. “WALK THE LINE ” was also nominated for several Academy and Golden Globe awards, winning the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture and garnering Reese Witherspoon her Academy Award for Best Actress. In association with Clint Eastwood and Malpaso Productions, James directed the feature film “THE STARS FELL ON HENRIETTA;” starring Robert Duvall. He received the Cable Ace Award for the cable feature “THE FORGOTTEN,” which he co-wrote and directed. He also received the Western Heritage Award for Best Director for the series “THE YOUNG RIDERS.”

James is currently wrapping up post production on another feature documentary, “THE TIPPING POINT”, as well as producing “THE HORN MAKER”.

PCH Films currently has in development several feature films with James Keach acting as Producer, including “AS TOUGH AS THEY COME”, “SIERRA MADRE”, an “UNTITLED GLEN CAMPBELL” biopic, and “OUT OF STOCK” for Netflix.

Eric Carlson is the CEO and a co-founder of CK&D, based in Los Angeles, California. CK&D is a leading cause marketing and media group focused on brand, strategy, marketing solutions and content creation for some of the largest profit and nonprofit organizations in the world.

Carlson was also an Executive Producer of the NBC/Universal drama series HEARTBEAT, which premiered in the winter of 2016. Prior to this, he spent many years as a packager and division head at CAA.

Michele Farinola has been working in documentary features and television for over twenty years. She is currently the executive producer at PCH Films, overseeing production and operations. Prior to that, she served as Co-Head of Documentary Features at Spitfire Pictures, a unit of Exclusive Media, where she was an executive producer of the 2012 Academy Award winning documentary, UNDEFEATED released by The Weinstein Company and the 2012 Grammy Award winning documentary, FOO FIGHTERS: BACK AND FORTH. In addition, Michele was the executive in charge of production of HBO’s 2012 Emmy winning documentary, GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD, directed by Martin Scorsese; and THE LAST PLAY AT SHEA, released by Lionsgate and Showtime.

Michele started her entertainment career at Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox, working for a studio chairman, eventually segueing into producing and directing dozens of high-profile, awarding winning cable documentary series and specials for AMC, A&E, USA Network, SciFi Channel, Starz and Animal Planet under the Fox Television Studios banner.

Elisa Bonora


Parker Laramie


Elisa Bonora was nominated for a Cable ACE award for James Keach’s award-winning “GLEN CAMPBELL…I’LL BE ME” and an Emmy Award for “NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY, LASZLO AND VILMOS” for which she served as co-producer/editor. She also co-produced and edited Celia Peck’s Emmy-nominated “BRAVE MISS WORLD”. Elisa won the “Best of 1991” Advertising Age Award, the “Advertising Women Achievement” award for Consumer Television in 1996 and 1998, and a Golden and Bronze Lion at the 1997 Cannes advertising festival.

Born in Milan, Italy she moved to LA working in advertising exclusively for the DGA multiple winner commercial directors, Joe Pytka. She later opened an editing company, Us2 editorial, collaborating with directors such as Tony Kaye, Marcus Nispel, David Cornell and Anthony Hoffman.

Her first breakthrough in long format came when Oliver Stone asked her to edit “COMANDANTE” and “SOUTH OF THE BORDER”. In addition to “AUGIE”, Elisa’s work includes the docs “BLACK FISH”, “ASHES AND SNOW”, “REQUIEM FOR A RUNNING BACK”, “RISING FROM ASHES”, “THE IVORY GAME”, and “THE TURNING POINT”. Current work includes “THE HORN MAKER” by Juliette Marquis, and “GHOST FLEET” by Shannon Service and Jeff Waldron; all scheduled for release in 2018.

Parker Laramie is an independent documentary editor. Parker has co­edited documentaries including “THE TURNING POINT”, “STEAM POWER”, and “REQUIEM FOR A RUNNING BACK”. He was an additional editor on “BENDING THE ARC”. In addition to working with Elisa Bonora, James Keach, and Michele Farinola on “AUGIE”, he has worked with Pedro Kos, Kief Davidson, and Rebecca Carpenter. Other feature film projects include “UNFRIENDED”.

He is currently editing “GHOST FLEET” with Shannon Service and Jeff Waldron.

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